What was geekyTV?

geekyTV was my old channel. It was a multi-plaform presence, as I was on YouTube, along with other alternative video sharing sites like ZippCast, VidBit, MetaJolt, VidBitFuture, VidLii, Vanillo, and Vlare. I made all types of videos: Edgy, Weird, Stupid, etc... I also had a news network on a site called "VidLii" which covered news about the site. I also collaborated with others throughout VidLii, like for example, the channel "TeeHeeHUB" starring CraftingLord21 (CL21), WeirdAsCrapVideos (WACV), TCT101, and Cravcave.

Am I proud of these videos? Yes and No. I do not like the edgyness and huge instances of offensiveness of my past work. I also do not like the Random = Funny formula of some of them. Especially the videos I did with TeeHeeHUB, they're horrible. But, I am proud because to me when I look back I see nothing but evolution in quality in terms of visual appearance.


Some of the content shown on these channels are brain-deadingly stupid. In some instances, hugely offensive and edgy. If you do not like this type of content, DO NOT WATCH IT. If you're willing to watch it, go ahead, just please note that the content doesn't reflect the type of person that I am today. I created "prozachfrfx" for a reason. I created it not only to make better content, I created it to put an end to the dying dissapointment of a channel that I used to call "geekyTV."

geekyTV VidLii
LiiNews (My VidLii news channel)
LiiCast (LiiNews Podcast)
TeeHeeHUB channel (VidLii).
TeeHeeHUB channel (YouTube).
TeeHeeHUB channel (Vlare).