Basic Info

Opened: 1837

Renovated: 1952, currently being renovated as of November 2018.

Branch(es): Huntington/Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma.

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N22).

State: New York


Carle place is one of those LIRR stations that aren't in plain sight. It seems cramped with ample parking, it doesn't have a station house at all, and overall it's just an elevated station. When I took pictures here, it was being renovated for the Third Track project, so the platforms on the Eastbound side were temporary plywood platforms.


Photo(s) taken on 08/25/2020

A view of the construction.
Another view of the construction. The overpasses look nice.
The canopies are a very nice touch. Not only that, this station's looking pretty modern.
Temporary wooden stairs to the Eastbound platform.
Westbound view. As you can see, there is a third space for a third track.
Eastbound view. As you can see, I am standing on the temporary platform. Temporary platforms like this can be found in New Hyde Park, Merillon Avenue, and Mineola.



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