Basic Info

Opened: 1915

Closed: May 15, 1953

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N15, N35)

State: New York


I don't know much about this former station. The info that I do know is that it was used for a shuttle to Mitchel Field and that it's now Garden City Fire Station #3. It's also on a lightly (and i mean lightly) used freight secondary. The Ringling Bros train used to go on these tracks before it's unfortunate demise, so umm... that's interesting.

Passenger service is nonexistant although I saw a video of a Bombardier M7 going thru a crossing on the secondary. I don't know. Someone please fill me in on the history of the station as well as the history on the Garden City-Mitchel Field secondary. This shit's interesting man.


Photo(s) taken on 08/25/2020

The former station house. Now Garden City Fire Department Station #3.
East of Clinton Road
That isn't a sidewalk. That is the former low level platform that used to supposedly serve a shuttle to Mitchel Field.
This old station has clearly been modified.



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