Basic Info

Opened: 1987

Branch(es): Ronkonkoma/Greenport.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal, & Penn Station.

State: New York


I love this station. I love the overpass and the view it offers, I love how open and "big" the station is, I love the area it's in, etc... The only complaint I have is that, of course, it is brutal in the cold. I didn't actually take a train here though as of now, I was just bored and I wanted to take pictures, which keeps me occupied and happy during this pandemic.


Photo(s) taken on 05/09/2020

That is the top view of a Bombardier M7. This was the 7:54 PM to Penn Station if I remember correctly.
This train is ready to leave. You can tell because of the green light signifying that the train is ready to move.
That is the station house. It seems to have been remodeled recently.
This is the Arrival/Departure board at the front of the station. It is the same board found at Ronkonkoma, as well as many other stations.
This is a nice view I must say.
This is a very beautiful view from the overpass.
This is a very interesting parking lot. The rooves appeared to be solar panels at first. Unfortunately, they're not. Looks are decieving, but imagine how cool it would be to disguise solar panels in there.
This is the front/side of the Station House/Waiting Room.
Interesting tidbit here, why is there a Porta-Potty? Are there any homeless people in Deer Park taking a shit in there? Someone let me know. I need answers, damnit!



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