Basic Info

Opened: 1841

Rebuilt: 1875, 1890

Branch(es): Ronkonkoma/Greenport.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal & Penn Station.

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N70, N72) @ the Conklin St + Secatogue Ave.

State: New York


Farmingdale Station is a run of the mill street grade station, although it has been renovated to the point where it looks nicer than most street-grade stations. The station house looks nice, the lighting is very welcoming, and I feel safe and sound there, at least at the time I was there. I have yet to ride a train to Farmingdale, though. I plan to do it after the pandemic has slowed to a reasonable margin.


Photo(s) taken on 04/26/2020

This is the top of the station house. The other side bears historical significance.
This is the passageway to the other platform. In this case, Platform A.
This is one of the newer Arrival/Departure boards attached to the station house.
This was taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so the station was barren and mostly empty. The theme of emptiness reoccurs throughout these pictures.
This is a glimpse of the Station House/Waiting Room. Notice the old timey "FARMINGDALE" sign on there.
Pointing East.
Another view pointing West.
This is the other side of the top part of the Station House. Those 12 black conical structures are supports for overhead wires for the former Huntington Railroad.
Notice the apartment building on the left. I wonder how much the rent is. Can the residents sleep at night?
Here's a glimpse the front of the Station house. I like the lights and the old timey sign. Very unique.


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