Basic Info

Opened: October 1872

Rebuilt: 1898

Branch(es): Hempstead.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal & Penn Station.

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N40/N41) @ the Franklin Ave + 7th St Bus Stop.

State: New York


One of my favorite stations on the Long Island Rail Road. It originally opened in 1872 as a Central Railroad of Long Island before being razed in Early-Mid 1898(?). The current station was built in 1898 by the LIRR and serves the Hempstead Branch. Platform A points west towards Atlantic Terminal (Penn Station trains stop here as well, but only at certain times. Please refer to a Timetable.) Platform B points east towards Hempstead. Platform A very often has the most people though, as Hempstead is 2 stops east from Garden City. You can literally walk to Hempstead Terminal, so it makes no sense to pay $3.25 to ride a train for 2 stops.

The interior design of the waiting room is very calm. It has a fireplace, which adds a nice touch. It also has heating, which is VERY essential for the winter months. The floor has a nice little touch with the old Pennsy (Pennsylvania Railroad) style LIRR logo as well as a little ribbon with "Garden City 1898-2006" written on it. Finally, I should also mention that it has a frame with local history of the station as well as some Garden City history.


Photo(s) taken on 08/11/2020

This picture was taken at the Franklin Ave grade crossing. This is pointing westward. As you can see, Hempstead bound trains have to go through a tight curve onto...
... the curved track. The curved track goes towards Hempstead and the straight track is a lightly used frieght secondary.

Photo(s) taken on 08/05/2020

Pointing Westward.

Photo(s) taken on 05/23/2020

Look at those damn trees. So beautiful.

Photo(s) taken on 04/26/2020

Pointing West. Notice how barren it is. There were no people there, and no trains arrived during my time there because of the modified schedule.
Pointing East. The theme of it being barren repeats throughout these photos.
Station house/Waiting Room enterance. From my recollection, it appeared to be closed.
Here's an LIRR Ticket machine. No one was buying tickets, of course.
Passageway to Platform B. It's normally empty as nobody goes to that platform since Hempstead is 2 stops away pointing east.

Photo(s) taken on 02/17/2020

Pointing East. M7 #7423 in the Forefront en route to Hempstead.
Pointing East. M7 #7423 in the Distance en route to Hempstead.

Photo(s) taken on 01/18/2020

Pointing East. Weather was around 39°F (3°C) that day. Waiting room came in clutch.



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