Basic Info

Opened: c. 1868 (?)

Rebuilt: October 1909

Branch(es): Huntington/Port Jefferson.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal, Long Island City, & Penn Station.

State: New York


This station is located in the Hamlet of Huntington Station in the Town of Huntington. It opened in 1868, and was relocated in 1909 to its current position. It is similar to Ronkonkoma, as it has an overhead passageway to switch platforms as well as it being a transfer point where passengers can switch from an electric Huntington bound train to a diesel Port Jefferson bound train, just like Ronkonkoma where you can switch from an electric Ronkonkoma bound train to a diesel Greenport bound train. The interior of the Waiting Room is similar to Westbury's (to my recollection, as of now, the last time I went inside the Waiting Room was 02/18/2020), with the exception of the open Ticket Office. Huntington station also has a Convienience Store, much like Mineola Station, and it also has your run of the mill LIRR Ticket Machines that many Long Islanders know and (hopefully) love.


Photo(s) taken on 06/25/2020

Just a random picture I took when I was about to leave Huntington.

Photo(s) taken on 05/09/2020

This has got to be the best picture of an M7 that I have ever took.
This are the stairs that ascend to the overpass to Platform A.
A Bombardier M7 is on Platform B.
This is the overpass.
The M7 is about to leave at any moment.
The M7 is leaving the station en route to Penn Station.
These are the stairs that descend onto Platform A.
This is a little shelter outside of Platform B. Very cool.

Photo(s) taken on 02/18/2020

Budd M3 #9857 in the cut. It's a very old boi, albeit a good and comfy ride.
Kawasaki M9 is on the left, General Electric DE30AC & Kawasaki C3 car combo to the right.

Photo(s) taken on 02/15/2020

My first time on the Kawasaki M9. The seats to my recollection have less legroom that the M7, but the ride was quiet and smooth. Only gripe is that the announcements are shit now. Come on MTA, rehire Van Ritshie!
This picture was taken inside an M7, (one way you could tell is the seat). M7's have fucked up passenger windows, so I semi-apologize for the shoddy quality.



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