Basic Info

Opened: 1836

Rebuilt: 1912-1913, 2001-2006

Branch(es): Every branch of the LIRR (except Port Washington).

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal, Long Island City, & Penn Station.

Connection(s): NYC Subway E J Z, NYC Bus (Q20A, Q20B, Q24, Q30, Q31, Q43, Q44 SBS, Q54, Q56), MTA Bus (Q6, Q8, Q9, Q25, Q34, Q40, Q41, Q60, Q65).

State: New York


Jamaica is a major transit hub for the Long Island Rail Road. It connects almost all major LIRR Branches (except Port Washington) to the E J and Z NYC Subway lines and the Airtrain JFK people mover. It is my favorite station because of the architecture of the entire thing. The lobby is spacious and nice, the view of the trains are amazing, the switches and junctions and all that stuff on the LIRR side is mesmerizing and interesting, and the other services, like the NYC Subway and AirTrain JFK add an extra coolness factor to the station. The only con I don't like is the $7.75 (subject to change) fare on AirTrain JFK. That is bullshit. $5 was fine enough.


Photo(s) taken on 10/21/2020

4:40 PM West Hempstead bound Bombardier M7. Notice how empty that train is via the seating availiablilty diagram on the info screen. West Hempstead trains always like that. Nobody rides that branch, except for the few that live in Westwood, Malverne, and Lakeview, and the 2 people that leave at West Hempstead. Very sad!

Photo(s) taken on 10/18/2020

View of Jamaica Station on from the AirTrain JFK station.

Photo(s) taken on 10/13/2020

An Atlantic Terminal bound M7 on Track 3.
Just look at this. This is one of the reasons why I love this station. It's so spacious!
A view of the mezzanine up ahead, as well as Tracks 4 and 5.

Photo(s) taken on 08/18/2020

The view coming up the escalator.
prozachfrfx in nature: rare pigeon in jamaica station. thank you based god.
RARE pigeon
A Budd M3 on the pocket track.
Platform F is closed even though it's finished. Weird.
This Budd M3 was a scheduled train to Long Beach, but unfortunately it was cancelled to equipment trouble. I was diligent enough to capture pictures of the train before it left.
The top of the M3.
The front of the M3.
Bombardier M7 leaving.
The rear of the M3.

Photo(s) taken on 08/05/2020

DE30AC #416 en route to Oyster Bay.
B I R D (i love pigeons, they're cute.)
M9 peepin' thru.
M9 leavin'
Random angle cuz why not.
Random angle cuz why not. (2)
Here's what you see when you enter from the AirTrain.
M9 (presumably en route to Hillside) departing from Platform F.

Photo(s) taken on 07/21/2020

View of the pocket tracks at Jamaica.
Bombardier M7 in the cut.

Photo(s) taken on 07/01/2020

One of the signs you see when you ride the escalator to the mezzanine.
An elevator. Also, look at the architecture of the place. This is amazing architecture.
The food choices availiable in the lobby. Because of me taking this during the COVID-19 Pandemic, these places were closed.
The entrance of the new "Platform F." It's done, but for some reason during the time that I took this, it was closed.
The complex trackwork at Jamaica. This is most likely one of the reasons why trains operate at a slow speed here.
This picture was taken on the second overpass. The refresh rate of my camera makes it look like the monitors were broken in a way, but in reality, they were working fine.
Here's a view of the tracks and canopies and the mezzanine in the forefront.
Okay, now THIS is the best M7 picture that I have taken.
This too. In fact, fuck it. THIS is the best M7 picture that I have taken. TO DATE!

Photo(s) taken on 06/29/2020

A view of the AirTrain JFK Lobby.

Photo(s) taken on 06/08/2020

This is the second Kawasaki M9 that I have been on. Very comfortable ride. Although, I will always be M7 gang for life.
This is the reason why I love Jamaica. Why? Look at the photo. It speaks ten thousand words.
Just look at the architecture. It's so mid-2000's which makes the already cool station cooler. It's so cool that it's cryogenic.

Photo(s) taken on 02/17/2020

I love the M7, fight me.

Photo(s) taken on ??/??/2016

This is a picture I took for my Instagram at the time. That instagram has since been deleted and I have no precise date on when I took this picture.



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