Basic Info

Opened: 1910

Rebuilt: 1963-1968 (sadly)

Branch(es): Basically all Branches of the LIRR.

Connection(s): NYC Subway 1 2 3 A C E

State: New York


New York's Penn Station is a disaster. I'm going to regurgitate the common consensus by saying that this is a souless dungeon devoid of any character and grandeur. It's horrible. But, it wasn't always horrible. It used to be godlike, it used to be something special. It used to be grand, if not grander than Grand Cental Terminal. But unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Railroad sold the old station to some developers who demolished it and put Madison Square Garden in it's place. The station now is fully underground.

Now tell me, which jackass thought it was a good idea to put a sports arena on top of a train station?! Welp, the developers at the time did. You see, at the time, railroads were declining faster than Oil Prices during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the generation at the time (supposedly, i'm not a boomer lol) did away with the old and favored the new. Well, that mentality got us here, with a dark and scary dungeon for a train station. Grand Central was going to meet the same fate. Thank god it didnt.

I don't take much pictures inside Penn Station, because this station scares me. When it's empty, it gives off a super giant bad vibe. I don't like it. In fact, when I go in here, the first word I hear in my head is "Fentanyl." I go to train stations to have fun and look at trains and hopefully photograph a couple trains so I post them to my site and/or Instagram. I don't go to train stations to experience a bad feeling of either getting stabbed/killed/robbed/panic attack, etc... Also, word on the street says that Amtrak Police will bother you if you attempt to take pictures there. That doesn't stop me as I have discretely taken pictures of AirTrain JFK, but taking all those other factors in consideration, makes me say "fuck it, I won't even bother taking pictures in this shithole." Anyways, if you're from Long Island, try to go to Atlantic Terminal. At least in Atlantic Terminal you get a beautiful and semi-spacious concourse as well as a whole shopping mall. In Penn? You have a couple fast food spots. Pitiful. But hey! Easy access to Madison Square Garden! That's great right? Fuck Madison Square Garden. #RebuildPennStation.


Photo(s) taken on 08/26/2020

This is a hallway on the LIRR part of Penn Station. Very early 1990's.
Entrances to Tracks 18 and 19. Notice the low ass ceiling. I am 5'10.5". This station is HORRIBLE for tall people in some if not a majority of spots.
This departure board is also found in Atlantic Terminal. Funny enough, Brooklyn's supposedly a shitier neighborhood than Midtown Manhattan, but I feel more safe waiting at Atlantic Terminal than Penn Station. Crazy, right?
Another angle of the hallway.
This is Tracks 18 and 19. This has got to be the widest platform in Penn, since the others are narrow.

Photo(s) taken on 06/19/2020 (R.I.P Etika)

Again, this isn't Penn Station. This is the James A. Farley Post Office Building. The original Penn Station was across from this. Now...
THIS is Penn Station. Madison Square Garden is on top of Penn Station.
My camera is shit, but whoever put this sketch of the original NY Penn Station here, fuck you.

Photo(s) taken on 02/17/2020

This isn't Penn Station. This is the James A. Farley Post Office Building. The entrance for the West Concourse is in this Building.



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