Basic Info

Opened: 1883

Rebuilt: 1986-1997

Branch(es): Ronkonkoma.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal & Penn Station.

State: New York


Ronkonkoma is a nice and very cool station. For one, to my recollection, it has a snack shop, a burger place called "Boxcar Burgers" (good burgers btw you should check it out), a laundromat (just in case you shit yourself on the train), a Dunkin Donuts, and your standard Taxi Company, which is understandable because MacArthur airport is nearby. Buses also stop there, but I have no idea how the Suffolk County Bus works so I cant be bothered to mention the bus lines.

I like this station because of the Train Wash at Ronkonkoma Yard, the Plaza, the Station Room, the layout of the platforms, etc... This isn't my favorite station though. That title belongs to Jamaica. If I had a list of favorite stations, I'd probably put this at #5 behind Mineola at #4, Garden City at #3, Atlantic Terminal at #2, and Jamaica at #1. That is all I have to say for now. I'll make that "Favorite LIRR Stations" list later.


Photo(s) taken on 08/13/2020

gr8 angle
Top view of a Bombardier M7.

Photo(s) taken on 08/11/2020

I posted this picture on Instagram and the LIRR reposted it. I MADE IT!
The Ronkonkoma Train Wash on the background.

Photo(s) taken on 07/04/2020

Here's a nice view of the Waiting Room. I like the "woodyness" of it. Very nice!
I took this picture because I thought it looked nice.

Photo(s) taken on 05/02/2020

This is one of the older arrival/departure boards.
Sign directing a potential passenger to whichever miscellaneous part of the stations they need to go to.
This is part of the overpass.
Parking space sign.
OOF! I hope this doesn't cause any structural issues.
Parking space sign (again). For some reason when updating this page I thought the parking meter thingies were payphones for a split second. Weird.
This is the front of the station house. Look at how nice it is with the floor and everything. It's just... ugh... so good!
This is one of the new info boards. They display arrival/departure times as well as various info from the MTA.
Wiiiiiiiiiiiide empty space. Good for Fun activities and Barbecues!
Pointing West.
I like this passageway. The aura for some reason is relaxing to me.
Pointing East. See that round shed looking thingy with the round roof in the distance? That is the Train Wash. There is one in Babylon and one in this station, Ronkonkoma.
You can see the Train Wash a bit better from here.
There is the island platform. So cool! I do not know why I like it so much, I just do.
Long Island Rail Road Logo in what I believe is the outside of the Waiting Room from my recollection.
I like the way the bricks are used here. Makes me feel like I'm in the Sutphin Blvd Station on the NYC Subway in a way. I guess I should say it's very 1980's.
Pointing West. M7 #7256 in the foreground.
Pointing East. M7 #7357 (i believe) is entering the Train Wash.



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