Basic Info

Opened: 1837

Rebuilt: 1883, 1914, c. 2001-2005

Branch(es): Huntington/Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma/Greenport.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal, Long Island City, & Penn Station.

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N35)

State: New York


This station unfortunely gets semi-shit service. Trains zoom by like a NASCAR Race, and depending on the weather, you'll be freezing or melting by the time the next train arrives. The Waiting Room isn't open 24/7, and when it's about to close, a dystopian computer voice comes on alerting the poor passengers that it is in fact, time to leave. Also, the Penn Station bound track had parts of it destroyed in a horrible accident and it still hasn't been fixed to this day. On the bright side, it has a Convenience Store that isn't open 24/7.


Photo(s) taken on 04/26/2020

This is a picture of the shelter. It doesn't help when you're about to violently suffer from frostbite.
This passageway is very bright.
I forgot to mention that this station is sort of scary at night.
Just like Garden City on this day, it was very barren and empty.
Of course, no one was buying tickets on this day.
That again, is the station house. BUT AT NIGHT!
Another angle of the shed because I am truely a photographer.

Photo(s) taken on 02/18/2020

That is the station house in the foreground.
Ew. For christs sake, use a recycling bin.



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