Basic Info

Opened: ????

Rebuilt: 1928, 1935, 1959

Branch(es): West Hempstead.

City Terminal Zone(s): Atlantic Terminal, Penn Station(?)

Connection(s): NICE Bus (N15, N32).

State: New York


This station is sad. It's very empty, rundown, and downright creepy. In West Hempstead, you miss one train and you're better off walking to your destination. It's that bad. The rest of the West Hempstead branch is horribly neglected, with only one track between Westwood and West Hempstead. That's horrible. Not only that, most of the trains here are shuttle trains to Valley Stream. Only once in a blue moon you will see a train to Jamaica, or even better Atlantic Terminal if you're lucky. Also, you can barely hear the announcements. It's like if you're legally deaf. Seriously, upgrade the speakers! If you're looking for service, Hempstead station is not very far way from this station. Go there instead. Or Garden City. Anywhere. Hell, take NICE. If you're a Train Enthusiast wanting to one day take a train here, go ahead and experience it. From my experience doing it, arriving to this station is pretty scary, as the train is virtually deserted and the looming sense of the possibility of being trapped in the train car is a really, really bad feeling. I'd suggest riding the first 3 cars or something, so hopefully the train crews know you exist.

I forgot to mention, this station is next to an apartment building. You'd think that people in the apartment building would use the station, right? Wrong. I bet the residents don't know this station exists, or they just use nearby stations like Hempstead, Mineola, or Garden City.


Photo(s) taken on 06/03/2020

This is the front of the West Hempstead station.
Look at the left. A little kid could easily access the tracks through that open passageway and kill themselves if they're not careful.
Here's one of the station signs.

Photo(s) taken on 03/05/2020

This station is normally empty. Kinda sad and scary at the same time. Also, take a look of the wooden ties on the tracks as well as the bent power pole. Where is PSEG?! Where is the Railroad?!
This is like the third time i've ever spotted an M9.

Photo(s) taken on 08/24/2014

This is probably the oldest train picture that I have on me. It's a beautiful picture, even though it's not landscape.



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