Basic Info

Opened: 1987

Branch(es): None, Employees only.

Connection(s): NYC Subway 7 @ 34 Street - Hudson Yards.

State: New York


This is the yard that stores LIRR trains after they're done discharging passengers at New York's Penn Station. It is near the 34 Street- Hudson Yard's station on the 7 line and it is also near the Jacob Javits Convention Center. You can see the top of trains by going to the High Line, or you could just simply walk around the yard and see multiple angles of trains.


Photo(s) taken on 06/29/2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic going on during the time, the High Line park was closed, so I had to walk around Hudson Yards. It didn't matter though, as you can see the M7 just peeping through.
I had no choice to take the picture this way because I was on a pedestrian bridge and it was pretty much the only way I could take a picture. Nethertheless, here is an array of M7's.
I like how this M9 is just sitting like a princess in a way. Back away from me, peasants!
Here's a zoomed in picture of the M9. I should've zoomed in with the other pictures. Oh well, next time I'll do it.
Here's another angle of the M9.
This is interesting, a station in West Side Yard! I think it serves the same purpose as Hillside Support Facility most likely.

Photo(s) taken on 12/26/2019

As we can see, there is an assortment of Bombardier M7's and GM EMD DM30AC's w/ C3 cars. You will not see DE30AC's here because DM30AC's have a capability of switching to an electric mode, unlike the DE30AC's, which only uses diesel. Which is good. Nobody wants to breathe in diesel.

Photo(s) taken c. 2015 or 2016

Hudson Yards, the area this yard is located in, was a very different place in 2016. During this time, it was mostly under construction. If you take a look at my recent pics below, you will see that a bunch of new skyscrapers have been built.
This is an old Snapchat picture of mine. As you can tell, I was VERY ECSTATIC!!! about WEST SIDE YARD!!!



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