Basic Info

Opened: December 17, 2003

Route(s): Jamaica, Howard Beach, All Terminals

Connection(s): NYC Subway (E), (J), (Z) @ Jamaica, (A) at Howard Beach. LIRR (All branches except Port Washington @ Jamaica)

State: New York


AirTrain JFK is an automated people mover that transports people in and out of JFK Airport. It contains of three lines, the All Terminals, Jamaica, and Howard Beach trains. The rolling stock consists of Bombardier Innovia train cars that are typically in a 2 car configuration. It is free to use around JFK Airport, but if you're at Howard Beach or Jamaica, it costs $7.75 (subject to change) to enter and exit. It provides a bunch of connections, like the (E), (J), (Z) as well as the Long Island Railroad in Jamaica, and the (A) at Howard Beach. You can also take it to connect to multiple bus lines throughout the Airport, like the Q10 bus at Terminal 5 for example. This system is basically your gateway from the airport to either Long Island or NYC. Not only that, it's a damn good one as well, with AirTrains arriving every 5 minutes, so you can get to your destination in a (hopefully) timely manner.

Now, off topic, this is the train system that got me into trains. I remember being a young kid being mesmerized by this train system. Brings back great memories. I love this train system, but I do have some criticisms. For example, because this is a Bombardier train (LOL) the ride is very rough when it's fast. It's like if you shook a baby. Ok, maybe it's not that extreme, in fact, it's not. But, it's rough. Oh well, Long live AirTrain JFK.


Photo(s) taken on 06/29/2020

This is the TWA Hotel at Terminal 5. You can take the AirTrain to this repurposed beautiful Eero Saarinen building.
Terminal 5. I took this during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so it was virtually deserted.
Here's a view of two AirTrain Stations. Every AirTrain stop within JFK Airport are semi-close if not very close to each other.
As you can see, this is a wild Bombardier Innovia car in the wild. The Port Authority of NY & NJ doesn't let you take pics of the AirTrain, but sshhhhhhhhh! This will be our little secret :)
The litle "skylight" at almost every AirTrain JFK station.
The inside of an AirTrain JFK car. It has an almost identical seat layout to the subway with it not offering a good side window view, but to compensate, it has a front view! A Railfan window for those lucky enough to evade those pestering cops!
Here's a view of the Mezzanine at Terminal 1's AirTrain stop. As you can see, there are 4 maps. A New York City Subway map, a map detailing what connections the AirTrain provides, a combination LIRR/Metro-North map, and an AirTrain JFK map.
The escalator down to the platform.

Photo(s) taken c. 04/26/2015

Here's the full resolution of the starbucks. I could only recover 4 full resolution photos from this time, unfortunately.
The McDonalds Sign.
The combination LIRR/Metro- North Map.
The old AirTrain JFK map.

Photo(s) taken c. 04/26/2015 (Instagram resolution)

This sign is located at Terminal 8.
For some reason the TV's had Windows XP. I don't know what they're using now, though.
Since this is based on JFK Airport, this is the Dunkin' Donuts at Terminal 1. For some reason, this is "healthy"
Here's the McDonalds at Terminal 1. That sign is pretty fly, I must say.
Here's the Starbucks at Terminal 1. There are chairs to the left of this Starbucks that provide a great view of the planes taking off, unfortunately I do not have pictures of those chairs.
This is the old AirTrain JFK map. They changed it slightly a while back.
In each AirTrain Station it contains 4 maps, a Metro-North Railroad map, a Long Island Rail Road map, a NYC Subway map, and a combination of both Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road maps. This happens to be the combination Metro-North/LIRR map.



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