Basic Info

Opened: September 13th, 2015

Line(s): (7)

Connection(s): NYCT Bus (M12, M34 SBS), Megabus (M21-M28)

State: New York


Hudson Yards is a very interesting station to me. I remember reading this station and being excited for it to open. I believe I didn't go to this station until 2016 or 2017, but when I did, it was nice. Very amazing. This station serves the (7) train and it brings you to a wide variety of bus connections, like the Megabus for if you want to go to Boston or something. It also is a gateway to some interesting destinations, like West Side Yard, the High Line, the Jacob Javits Convention Center, etc...

Hudson Yards is now a very "boujee" place. If you're rich, feel free to waste your money on designer bags that cost 13 cents to make at some chinese sweatshop. I heard that's what the cool kids do these days. Buy "drip" at the expense of a 13 year old's sweatship worker's misery! Wait. I technically do that with buying computer parts. Fuck. Everyone does it. Oh well, what can I do about it?


Photo(s) taken 06/29/2020

Here's a picture of the Inclined Elevators.
Proof that these elevators aren't your average elevators.
Here's a picture of what I like to call, the "Pyongyang-esque Escalators." You will see why.
Here's one angle of the subway entrance. It's kind of similar to an entrance you would find in some of the WMATA DC Metro stations.
Here's another angle of the entrance.
Here's a plaque commemorating the millions of dollars spent to create 1 station.
The photo doesn't do a good job, but when you go on these in real life, they're super deep and it really fucks with your senses in a way.
Entrance to the Mezzanine.
One angle of the Mezzanine.
This is weird. This picture was taken in 2020. This station was built in 2015. It looks like the $2.1bn budget used to build this station was spent on a bundle of coke and actual construction work. Oh well, I guess that's NYC for you.



"New 7 Line Extension to 11 Avenue" on

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