Basic Info

Opened: March 16th, 2009 (Current Station, "New South Ferry") (1)

Closed: October 28th, 2012 (Due to Hurricane Sandy) (1)

Reopened: June 27th, 2017 (1)

Opened: September 20th, 1918 (R), (W)

Connection(s): NYCT Bus (M15, M15 SBS, M20, M55), Staten Island Ferry.

Line(s): (1), (R), (W)

State: New York


To alieviate the confusion that I have probably infused upon you with my shit way of detailing information, I will only cover the current "New South Ferry" when it comes to the station on the (1) Train. It doesn't matter though, as I have only only been to the (1) Train side of the South Ferry. It's an interesting station to me. It was first a loop station that could only hold ~5 cars at a time due to the restictions of the curve. After 9/11, the city rebuilt and thus made the current South Ferry. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy's wrath caused the New South Ferry to close for 5 years, reopening the loop. Now, as of 2020, the loop is closed, and the New South Ferry has been operating for a couple years now.


Photo(s) taken 06/19/2020 (R.I.P Etika)

Entrance to the station.
Staircase towards the (1) train.
Entrance to the platform.

Photo(s) taken 07/06/2017

First time I had been to the new station before Hurricane Sandy.
(1) Train arriving.



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