Basic Info

Opened (Fulton Center): November 10th, 2014

Opened (WTC Cortlandt): September 8th, 2018

Opened (World Trade Center): September 10th, 1932

Opened (Cortlandt Street): January 5th, 1918

Opened (The Oculus): August 16th, 2016.

Fulton Street: 2 3 4 5 A C E J Z

Cortlandt Street: R W

World Trade Center: E

WTC Cortlandt: 1

Connection(s) (via the Oculus): Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) (Newark-World Trade Center, Hoboken-World Trade Center).

State: New York


With a big article like this with large amounts of info in the "Basic Info" section causes great confusion. Luckily, after doing my own research, I have a basic idea of how this station is laid out.

Fulton Street Station is located inside the Fulton Center complex. The Fulton Center complex is a retail complex as well as a way to connect Fulton Street 2 3 4 5 A C J Z with Cortlandt Street on the R W and World Trade Center on the E via the Dey Street Pathway. The Dey Street passageway also grants you entrance to the Oculus where you can also find more entrances to Cortlandt Street on the R W and World Trade Center on the E, as well as WTC Cortlandt on the 1 train.

On a side note, you can access the E train via the R W platforms. You can also access Park Place on the 2 and 3, and Chambers Street on the A and C.

WTC Cortlandt on the 1 is a special station. Formerly known at Cortlandt Street, it is located inside the "Oculus" transporation hub in Lower Manhattan. It was formerly a regular looking subway station, but on September 11th, 2001, the station was totalled due to the collapse of the former twin towers. So for 17 years, the station was rebuilt into the current station. It's a very nice station, and I would like to give kudos the to the designer and the thousands of construction workers who helped make/construct this station.

Here is a general idea on how the Fulton Center/Dey Street Passageway/Oculus is laid out:

    Fulton Center:

  • Fulton Street 2 3 4 5 A C J Z

  • Via Dey Street Passageway:

  • World Trade Center E
  • Cortlandt Street R W

  • Accessible via the E R and W platforms:

  • Chambers Street A C
  • Park Place 2 3

  • Via the Oculus transportation hub:

  • World Trade Center E
  • Cortlandt Street R W
  • WTC Cortlandt 1

 Photos of WTC Cortlandt.

Photo(s) taken on 07/24/2020

A 1 train en route to South Ferry leaving the station.
A c00l angle of the WTC Cortlandt station.
Another c00l angle of the WTC Cortlandt station.
Across the platform is direct entrance to the Oculus
Another angle of the direct entrance to the Oculus.
An entrance to WTC Cortlandt. This specific one will lead you to the South Ferry bound 1 trains.
A glimpse of another entrance into WTC Cortlandt. This specific one will lead you to the Van Cortlandt Park - 242 Street bound 1 trains.

 Photos of the Oculus.

Photo(s) taken on 10/09/2019

The oculus. This picture was taken with an iPhone 4S.

Photo(s) taken on 06/29/2019

The oculus during the tail end of LGBT pride month.
Big Gay Transportation Hub.
The Oculus looks like a ice skating rink from this angle.
Entrance to Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH).

Photo(s) taken on 08/26/2019

The R and W entrance via the Oculus.
The E train entrance in the far distance. It is notable because it's basically still original to the OG World Trade Center complex.
The outside of the Oculus transportation center.
The Dey Street Passageway entrance in the distance.
Sign leading oncoming passengers to Fulton Center.

 Photos of the Dey Street Passageway.

Photo(s) taken on 08/26/2020

RW entrance via the passageway.
Entrance to Fulton Center at the end of the passageway.
Fulton Street entrance at Fulton Center.

 Photos of Fulton Center.

Photo(s) taken on 08/26/2020

The outside of Fulton Center. As you can see, it's a glass building with a tumor/skylight on top.
A plaque commemorating the millions if not billions of dollars spent on creating this retail complex/transportation hub.
This is what you see when you enter one of the doors. The subway lines accessible via the Fulton Center complex itself is the 2 3 4 5 A C J and Z. The rest is accessible via the Oculus transportation hub or the Dey Street Passageway.
This skylight is weird. Every time i'm here I can never find a way to take a relatively good angle of this weird ass tumor-skylight thingy.
A sign directing passengers to the Dey Street Passageway.
Entrance to the Passageway.

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