Basic Info

Constructed: 1999-2006.

In Service: Long Island Rail Road (2002 - Present Day), Metro North Railroad (2004 - Present Day).

Series: The Metropolitan "M" Series.

Replaced: The Budd M1.

 What is the (MTA) Bombardier M7?

The M7 is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) car manufactured by Bombardier. This specific model was built for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for use on the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad. 836 cars were produced for the LIRR while 336 were produced for Metro-North. They're congfigured in married pairs, with one 'A' car being paired with one 'B' car.

The M7 has a 2-3 seating arrangement. An 'A' car has 110 seats, while the 'B' car sacrifices 9 seats to make space for the ADA compliant bathroom. M7's do have outlets, but not on every seat. They're near the door (pic coming soon.)

There are two types of M7's. The M7 and the M7A. The M7 is used by the LIRR and the M7A is used by Metro-North. They're fraternal twins, as they have different cosmetic feautures, as well as functionality features that set them apart.


  • Motor: 4 Mitsubishi MELCO AC Traction Motors (~200 kW/270hp per motor) & 2 IGBT inverters per car.
  • Regenerative/Pneumatic Brake System
  • Length: 85 ft (25,908 mm)
  • Height: 10 ft 6 in (3,200 mm)
  • Track gauge: Standard gauge. 4ft 8.5 in (1,435 mm)

 The differences between the M7 and M7A.

    The M7:

  • LIRR "Bumblebee" paint scheme.
  • No cover for the Air Conditioning system.
    Doesn't protect from low-hanging branches.
  • Fleet number is in the front and the side.
  • Illuminated sign in the front with rolling stock number.
  • Different construction. Steel piece in the front and middle of car.
    (if confused, compare the two photos).
  • Different third rail. Uses over-running third rail.
  • LIRR Fleet Numbers: 7001-7836
Bombardier M7 (LIRR) @ Atlantic Terminal

    The M7A:

  • Metro-North blue paint scheme
  • Cover for the Air Conditioning system.
    Protects from low-hanging branches.
  • No fleet number in front. It is on the side.
  • No illuminated sign w/ rolling stock number.
  • Different third rail. Uses under-running third rail.
  • Metro-North Fleet Numbers: 4000-4335
Bombardier M7A (Metro-North) @ Grand Central Terminal

 My review.

The M7 is one of my favorite if not my favorite piece of train equipment out there. It has shaped a considerable part of my childhood, the propulsion is godly, the announcements are nice, and to me, it's fast. But it has some flaws. It's very bouncy, super freaky when it's going 70 mph (especially on the Babylon branch because it's elevated and all that), and looking out the window is just hit or miss. Sometimes you find a clear-ish window while sometimes you find a fucked up window. If you want to know what it looks like looking out the fucked up window, take 40 grit sandpaper, sand a pair of protective glasses, and put them on. Even though this is one of my favorite trains, I rate it a 7.5/10.




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