UPDATE 05/11/2020

 NEW!  New articles and pictures in prozachtrains

 Improvement.  The site (for the most part) is now mobile friendly!


Hello everyone. prozachfrfx here. Thank you for visiting my site. I love updating this thing and showcasing my photos to the world. It is amazing. I haven't felt this happy about any of my sites in 5 years. Once again, thank you. Effective today, I will be posting some pictures to my Instagram first before posting them on my site. I'll do it as a "sneak peek" of sorts or something. I don't know. I'll do my thing.

Today is also the day before Etika's birthday. I miss you Etika. I will forever keep you in my thoughts for decades to come. I hope I am making you proud by following my dreams and overcoming my shyness. #JOYCONBOYSFOREVER. #FRFX